Front Street
The Tidelands of Georgetown offer the opportunity to travel down a trail of history that weaves its magic through marshes, beaches, ports of call and a way of life far too tranquil (yet turbulent) to be forgotten.

Make a relaxing escape browsing through stories of rice and indigo, time and tides, fact and fancy. Comb our beaches, sail our waters, meander on our harborwalk and explore our plantations. Come savor the local cuisine and peruse our local artisans wares. Stay and indulge yourself in our southern hospitality - it is our pleasure to accommodate you.

Front Street in the 1940s
We hope when you depart you'll take along a touch of the ambience of wonder which exists nowhere else but Georgetown County, and perhaps you will have discovered for yourself why Georgetown has been rated among the top 100 small towns in America.

Visit Georgetown's Historic District

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